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image wallets
image wallets
mixed media
each 4" x 6" folder

A mail art project. 24 leather wallets folded and stitched then filled with deconstructed artworks (no longer precious). Sent to friends longing for materials and friendship during the pandemic. Directions provided:

Tired of being asked to collage without access to quality images?
(ALWAYS!) Keep this trifold handy to interrupt the cycle of deficit image-imaginary with --- Image Wallet

Recommend use
Keep your image wallet handy. You never know when you will need your next image. Replace used images with fresh ones.

Collage cut paste tear stitch pierce
Write a love note. Fold in half. Secretly distribute.
Cut each piece into much tinier pieces. Toss as confetti at an appropriate moment.
Stitch pieces together to make a paper quilt, a skirt or a cape.
Stitch or tape pieces together until you have a length of 6 feet. Take it with you as a guide for social situations requiring distance.
Use as a unit of architecture. Fold each piece in half or thirds. Balance and stack. Build something remarkable. Fill in with stuff nearby like old milk cartons.
Attempt to use image cards as paper currency. (May require cutting to size.)